High-Speed Serial Trace Probe

Higher bandwidth trace using fewer SoC pins

To enable the capture of multiple lanes of high-speed serial trace, Arm has created the HSSTP trace probe. Replacing the parallel trace port that ships with DSTREAM, HSSTP trace probe is ideal for situations where it's necessary to collect a large amount of trace data and/or where SoC termination count rules out parallel trace.

  • Supports Arm HSSTP and Marvell® SETM protocols
  • Up to 12.5 Gbps single-lane line rate
  • Debug and trace connectivity
  • Uses 4 Gigabyte trace buffer in DSTREAM
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Rapid Trace

Up to 20 Gbps combined lane rate to capture detailed trace information from CoreSight and custom IP devices.

Fewer Trace Pins

The cost of supporting parallel trace can be significant. Serial trace requires fewer pins on your SoC.

Customization Support

Contact us for more information on how to have your ASIC supported by the DSTREAM HSSTP probe.

Maximum Trace Bandwidth per Signal Pin

Specification and Requirements

Functionality Debug and serial trace capture
Supported macrocells Same as DSTREAM
Trace interface to probe voltage 0.15 V to 1.0 V
JTAG/SWD signal voltage 1.0 V to 5.0 V configurable by target
Maximum JTAG clock speed 60 MHz
High Speed Serial Trace Interface (DSTREAM HSST Probe)
Protocols Arm HSSTP, Marvell SETM
Number of lanes 1 to 6
Data rate per lane 2.5 to 12.5 Gbps
Maximum aggregate data rate 20 Gbps
Target Connectors
40-way SAMTEC ERF8 (Debug and Trace) Arm 20-pin 0.1" pitch header (Alt. Debug when JTAG signals need to be sent separately)
Arm Development Studio or
DS-5 Ultimate Edition or Professional Edition v5.20 or newer

Trace Configuration and Analysis

Development Studio offers advanced configuration options for collecting and analyzing trace data. These enable you to focus only on the critical sections of a program:

  • Use tracepoints to start and stop trace at specific points in your code
  • Filters allow you to select only the trace data types that you're interested in to display in the Development Studio Trace view
  • Both of these features help you to avoid filling the trace buffer rapidly when collecting High Speed Serial Trace

The Trace view also allows you to search for timestamps, functions and instructions by addresses, helping you to sift through trace data quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about trace support in Development Studio