Software components

Software components are building blocks that help you to efficiently utilize the features of modern microcontrollers. MDK comes with the following CMSIS-Packs that contain such software components:

  • The CMSIS pack gives you core and peripheral access, DSP functions, and the Keil RTX5 real-time operating system.
  • The MDK-Middleware pack includes complete software stacks for TCP/IP communication, file storage, and graphic.
  • The FuSa RTS pack consists of pre-certified components for functional safety applications.

Additional software components are available from many third-party companies and can be installed through the Pack Installer.

Working with software components

The Manage Run-Time Environment (RTE) dialog allows you to manage software components of a project. Software components can be added, deleted, disabled, or updated during the software development process at any time. By default, µVision uses the latest version of installed software packs to list their components. You can choose between variants (for example debug or release) and quickly access related documentation, as shown in the following screenshot.