DS-5 Downloads

The latest version of Arm DS-5 is 5.29.3. Use the download links below for access to previous versions of the software.

DS-5 Development Studio has been superseded by Arm Development Studio, Arm's newest and most comprehensive embedded C/C++ toolchain yet. DS-5 continues to be supported by Arm, however, new licenses can only be purchased by existing customers.

What's new in 5.23.1

Major changes in Arm Streamline Performance Analyzer:

  • Added support for Cortex-A35 and Tizen OS.
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • A version of gatord compiled for Armv8 is now included in the distribution
  • Improved the efficiency of user-space annotations

Major changes in DS-5 Debugger:

  • New device support for Juno Arm Development Platform (r2)
Windows 64-bit
File: DS500-BN-00022-r5p0-23rel1.zip (1.04 GB)
Windows 32-bit
File: DS500-BN-00003-r5p0-23rel1.zip (898.94 MB)
Linux 64-bit
File: DS500-BN-00019-r5p0-23rel1.tgz (1.11 GB)
Linux 64-bit
File: DS500-BN-00004-r5p0-23rel1.tgz (947.31 MB)

Release Note for DS-5 Downloads 5.23.1

ARM DS-5 Development Studio version 5.23.1 build 5231008 dated 2015/12/16

This is a summary of the new features and other major changes in this release:

    ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer
    • Added support for Cortex-A35
    • Added preliminary support for the Tizen OS
    • The actions performed by target setup are now contained within a script that can be modified by the user to suit their environment, if necessary. The script can be found at/sw/streamline/gator/setup/gator_setup
    • Improved UI responsiveness when many annotations are in view in the timeline
    • Improved UI responsiveness when the heatmap is viewed on large displays
    • More state is preserved when closing and reopening a report
    • Floating point numbers can now have negative exponents in series expressions
    • Selected entries in the log view can now be copied to the clipboard
    • A version of gatord compiled for ARMv8 is now included in the distribution
    • Gator versions prior to 5.17 are no longer supported
    • Added a more efficient way of collecting ftrace data that can be enabled in the capture settings dialog; when enabled, ftrace counters will not display during live capture and will only appear when viewing the resulting report
    • Improved the efficiency of user-space annotations
    DS-5 Debugger
    • New device support for:
      • Juno ARM Development Platform (r2)