Renesas GENMAI

DS-5 Renesas RZ/A and RZ/T Edition

Getting Started

The Arm DS-5 Development Studio Renesas RZ/A and RZ/T Edition is a complete software development environment for systems based on Renesas Electronics RZ/A and RZ/T MPUs. It packages DS-5’s code editor, compiler, debugger and performance analyzer to help you seamlessly generate, debug and optimize code for the powerful Arm Cortex-A9 application processor in the RZ/A and RZ/T series.

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Follow these three simple steps to get up and running:

1. Download and Install

Download the latest DS-5 installer, then follow the instructions for your platform:

Extract the installer files from the downloaded zip file, run setup.exe, then follow the simple on-screen installation instructions.

If you have an earlier release of DS-5 already installed, you can install this release on top of it and an upgrade is automatically performed.

Note During installation you will be prompted to install device drivers and may receive warnings such as "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software"; you can safely ignore these warnings and continue with installation.

Extract the installer from the downloaded archive file, run (not source) or and follow the on-screen instructions. The installer unpacks DS-5 into your chosen directory, and optionally installs device drivers and desktop shortcuts.

It is recommended you delete any previous release of DS-5 before installing a new release; the installer guides you through this process. Alternatively, you can install it into a different directory.

Note The installer includes device drivers that require you to run with root privileges.

2. License your Renesas RZ/A and RZ/T Edition

Open up the license manager. If this is your first time using the product, then a popup dialog will ask you if you wish to open license manager, otherwise it can be opened from the Help menu.

Select the Add button to add a new license. This will open the add license wizard.

Select the option Enter a serial number or activation code to obtain a license and enter the serial number that came with your DS-5 Renesas RZ/A and RZ/T Edition.

Click Next and follow the instructions in the dialog. Click Finish when done, which will close the dialog and show the new license in the license manager. The license manager can now be closed as the product is ready to use.

Activation Code:

Use the license serial number provided via email or within your DS-5 box.


3. Start using DS-5