Arm DS-5 for NXP Semiconductors VFxxx Controllers

Arm has partnered with NXP (formerly Freescale) to create two versions of the Arm DS-5 toolchain specially tailored for use with NXP VFxxx controller solutions. Inheriting the flexibility and ease-of-use of DS-5 Professional Edition, both DS-5 Vybrid Controller Edition and DS-5 Starter Kit for Vybrid Controllers Tower System™ Module comprise a complete embedded development toolkit designed to explore the unique capabilities of the NXP VFxxx controller solutions.

DS-5 Starter Kit for Vybrid Controllers

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DS-5 Vybrid Controller Edition

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Optimizing Compiler You Can Rely On

  • Industry reference compiler for Arm architecture
  • Efficient and accurate code generation
  • Co-developed alongside Arm processors

Asymmetrical Multi-processing (AMP) Debug

  • Easy control of Arm Cortex-M4 and Cortex-A5
  • Hardware cross-triggering for synchronous run control
  • Probeless USB debug connection to Tower System

Linux and NXP MQX Support

  • OS aware debug views, including tasks and data structures
  • Linux performance analyzer (Arm Streamline)
  • Compatible with both GCC and GDBserver

Multicore debug of Freescale™ Vybrid Controllers via USB with Arm DS-5

This video shows how to debug and trace code at source-level, running on both M4 and A5 processors on a Vybrid board, using just CMSIS-DAP over USB, with DS-5 Debugger.

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DS-5 Vybrid Tower Starter Kit

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DS-5 Vybrid Edition

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Arm DS-5 Vybrid Edition

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Code Generation

ARM Compiler



Target Connection


Vybrid Controller Module for the Tower System

Vybrid Controllers

Debug Connection


Keil ULINKpro


OS aware run control

Linux/Android application debug

Non-intrusive processor trace

On chip only

System Optimization

Streamline performance analysis

(DS-5 Community Edition features)

Streamline power analysis



Cortex-A8 FVP



Quad-Core Cortex-A9 FVP




Node Locked / Floating




1 year

1 year

Technical Support

Vybrid Community

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Vybrid Community
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1 Limit image size. Object file generation restricted to ORC format.