Starter Kit for Vybrid Controller Tower System Module

Vybrid Tower System Board

Getting Started

The Arm DS-5 Starter Kit for Vybrid™ Controller Tower™ System Module is a lightweight software development environment for the NXP Semiconductors Tower System operating with a Vybrid MCU module. It packages Arm DS-5’s code editor, compiler, debugger and performance analyzer to help you seamlessly generate, debug and optimize code for both cores on NXP Vybrid controller solutions. Through a partnership between Arm and NXP, this toolkit is available free of charge for one year for Vybrid Tower System customers.

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Follow these three simple steps to get up and running:

Download and Install

DS-5 is available for both Windows and Linux hosts. See DS-5 System Requirements for a list of supported hosts.

Download the appropriate DS-5 installer for your host (either Windows or Linux).

Download DS-5

Extract the files from the downloaded .zip file and run setup.exe. Then follow the simple on-screen installation instructions.

Note: During installation you might be prompted to install device drivers. These drivers are to allow USB connections to DSTREAM, DSTREAM-ST, RVI, ULINKpro, ULINKpro D and Energy Probe hardware units. It is recommended to install these drivers if you intend to use these features.”.

Once installed, on Windows 7 platforms, you can find DS-5 under Start menu > All Programs > Eclipse for DS-5

Extract the installer from the downloaded archive file, run (not source) and follow the on-screen instructions. The installer unpacks DS-5 into your chosen directory, and optionally installs device drivers and desktop shortcuts.

Note: The installer includes device drivers that require you to run with root privileges.

License with Activation Code

Start DS-5 and open the license manager. If this is your first time using DS-5, then a popup dialog will automatically ask you if you wish to open the license manager, otherwise it can be opened from the "Help" menu.

Choose "Add License...", and enter your Activation Code displayed on this page to obtain a license.

Work through the wizard to select the Host ID to lock your license to, and enter or create your Arm account details.

Once complete, the license manager can be closed as the product is ready to use.

Activation Code

Use this activation code to license the DS-5 Starter Kit for Vybrid Controller Tower System Module

Start Using DS-5

Now you are ready to get a debug session up and running with your Vybrid MCU module for the NXP Tower System: