Importing DS-5 Example Projects

Tutorial for importing the Linux and bare-metal example projects into Arm DS-5 Development Studio, configured for use with Arm FVPs or development boards.

Importing DS-5 Example Projects

The Arm DS-5 Development Studio installation includes a wide range of example projects for bare-metal and Linux. This tutorial will guide you through importing the DS-5 example projects so you can quickly get started debugging code, either on a Fixed Virtual Platform, which is an Arm model running on your host, or a development board.

DS-5 Welcome page

The first time you open DS-5 you are taken to the DS-5 Welcome page. If you've closed it, you can find it again under Help > Welcome to DS-5. In this case go ahead and close the Welcome page.

The Welcome page provides you with a good way of getting started with DS-5, including cheat sheets that will directly import all the projects into your workspace. However, this tutorial shows you the individual steps, so that you can learn how to import any general project.

Open the C/C++ or DS-5 Debug Perspective

Once you close the Welcome page, DS-5 defaults to the C/C++ perspective. This contains the Project Explorer view, which is where we will import the projects from. The DS-5 Debug perspective, which is where you will probably spend most of your time also contains the Project Explorer view.

If you import any project, or anything that relies on a folder-based hierarchy into Eclipse, it will appear in the Project Explorer view.

In Eclipse, you can carry out "contextual" actions by right-clicking in a view, or alternatively by using the top menu. It's simply down to your personal preference, but worth bearing in mind.

Import the Example Projects

Right-click in the Project Explorer view and click Import... to bring up the Import dialog.

Select General > Existing Projects into Workspace and in the next window, click Browse... to navigate to the folder that contains the DS-5 example projects. This is located at C:\Program Files\DS-5\examples.

What kind of examples are provided?

There are several examples for Linux, including XaoS, threads, hello world and gnometris, along with startup code for supported processors and demonstration code for TrustZone. You'll also find bare-metal hello world examples for a range of development boards which will run from the on-chip RAM.

For now, select the Linux examples and hit Open. Finally, select the projects that you're interested in and click Finish.

What Next?

The projects that you've just imported all contain readme files, which give you some further tutorial tasks. They also contain un-stripped and stripped binaries so that you have access to the debug symbols.

Conveniently, if you navigate to the Debug Configurations view, under Run > Debug Configurations, you'll see that DS-5 has also imported ready-to-use debug configurations for these projects.

Next, try double-clicking on one of the FVP examples in the Debug Configurations window, or simply hit Debug. The model will launch, along with DS-5 Debugger. Hit Continue (the green "play" button") to run the program.