Upgrading from RVDS to DS-5

In this tutorial, you will learn how to upgrade an existing RVDS installation to DS-5.

Upgrading from RealView Development Suite (RVDS) to DS-5

What is DS-5?

DS-5 is the successor to RVDS and our recommended tool suite for all new projects. DS-5 brings compiler improvements, support for the latest Arm processors as well as a much more powerful debugger. The DS-5 Debugger offers support for multi-core and multi-cluster devices, in addition to awareness for Linux, Android and a range of RTOS.

For safety-related software development, we now also package the TÜV SÜD certified Arm Compiler 5, Compiler Qualification Kit and Extended Maintenance as part of DS-5 Ultimate Edition.

RVDS customers can even get 35% off when upgrading to DS-5 Professional Edition.

What about backwards compatibility?

DS-5 enables all previous versions of the Arm Compiler, so you don’t need to worry if you’re using the Arm Compiler 3 or 4. It also supports target connection via the legacy RealView ICE unit. If you still require use of RVDS beyond compilation tools, we even offer a discounted DS-5 and RVDS combination.

Upgrading your product

To upgrade to DS-5, contact an Arm representative or your Arm approved distributor to request an upgrade. Delete your RVDS license once you have been given your DS-5 serial number or activation code and then use this to collect your DS-5 license.

Arranging an upgrade

To arrange an upgrade:

  1. Contact your original supplier of the license(s) in the first instance. However, you can also contact Arm through the pricing information request page. You will need to provide your existing RVDS serial number.
  2. A representative from Arm, or one of our approved distributors, will contact you to discuss your request.

Installing node-locked licenses for DS-5

Node-locked licenses are for single workstation installations and are locked to the host ID of your workstation. The license file for a node-locked license is generated using the Arm License Manager.

Read this tutorial on how to install node-locked licenses for DS-5.

Installing floating licenses for DS-5

DS-5 floating licenses enable you to share a single license with multiple users as long as it is used at different times. When a license is released, it immediately becomes part of a common license pool, available to the next user who needs it. Floating licenses can be made available to anyone on the same network up to the limit specified in the license file.

Read this tutorial on how to install floating licenses for DS-5.