Vybrid Tower System Debug Session Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through creating a debug session to the Cortex-A5 device on the Vybrid board. You can watch the video or follow the instructions on this page. At the end of the tutorial you will have a connection from DS-5 to the Vybrid controller and be able to perform debug operations.

1. Connect the target

Before connecting DS-5 to the Vybrid Controller Tower System module, make sure your board has been loaded with the CMSIS-DAP firmware. If you have not yet done this, just follow the instructions on this tutorial.

Plug in the board using the outer of the two USB micro-B connectors; this is the CMSIS-DAP USB debug interface.

The LED nearest the USB socket should illuminate.

Plug the USB Cable into your Vybrid board

2. Debug launch configuration

  1. Open the debug launch configuration dialog via "Run" > "Debug Configurations..."
  2. Right-click "DS-5 Debugger" in the panel on the left hand side and select "New"
  3. Select "Debug Cortex-A5 via CMSIS-DAP"
  4. Browse for the "Connection", and choose the CMSIS-DAP device it finds
  5. On the "Debugger" tab select "Connect only", as we are going to create a debug session without loading an image.
  6. Click the "Debug" button to create a debug connection to the target.
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3. Inspect the target

DS-5 is now connect to the target, so you can can inspect it. It's now possible to stop and resume the target using the run controls on the "Debug Control" view. 

Here is a few things you might want to try while the target is stopped:

  • Inspect memory from the memory view.
  • Set break points.
  • Inspect registers and change the values.

To disconnect the from target, press the disconnect button in the "Debug Control" view.

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