Performance analysis on the gem5 simulation platform for researchers

To support the gem5 project, we've made the full version of Streamline available to project members. Get in-depth visibility into software execution and PMU on gem5 system models. Install Arm DS-5 Community Edition to get started with Streamline.

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What is Streamline?

How does it benefit gem5 users?

Included in DS-5, Streamline presents a graphical view of system execution.

Streamline gives gem5 users a way of visualizing Linux and Android process information, along with charts which are built using counters.

Typically, Streamline is used for performance optimization, allowing you to spot problems such as excessive cache accesses and other issues which impact the performance of Arm-based systems. This general "dashboard" of system performance can be very useful throughout your experimentation or software development process, especially when used regularly.

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System Analysis Streamline DS-5 Community Edition features: For gem5 project members:
Performance Counters
Process Trace
Annotation Log  
Time Filtering  
Multicore Drill-Down  

What is gem5?

The gem5 project is a simulator for research into computer system architecture. Its key features include pervasive object orientation, multiple interchangeable CPU models, an event-driven memory system, co-simulation with SystemC, power and energy modelling, and multiprocessor capability.

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How to install and license Streamline for use with gem5

1. Download DS-5

Streamline is included in the complete DS-5 package, which you can download at the link below. 


2. Install

Install DS-5 by following the simple on-screen installation instructions.

3. License Streamline for gem5

Finally, download and extract the license file below. It should be named "license.dat". Open the license manager in DS-5 by clicking Help > Arm License Manager... > Add License and browse to the location of your license file.

Download license

How do I view my gem5 session in Streamline?

In order to use Streamline with gem5, you will need to follow the instructions provided on the page.

How can I continue to use Streamline for gem5 after my license expires?

Near to the end of your license period, DS-5 should inform you that your license is due to expire. If you want to continue to use Streamline for gem5, you can register with the Arm University Program as a gem5 project member.

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