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For a chance to win mobile game-related prizes worth up to $15,000!

This is your chance to become the celebrated champion of optimizing games for mobile by showing off your skills at analyzing the performance of our new sample game. Use the free tools in Arm Mobile Studio to identify all the presenting graphics problems when the game is running on any supported Arm-Mali GPU powered device and submit your advice for resolving issues.

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Arm Mobile Studio

Arm Mobile Studio is a software suite targeted at Android developers, allowing the easy detection of bottlenecks on any Android device by enabling the visualization of all performance data in the system.

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Mali Texture Compression Tool

Mali Texture Compression Tool compresses textures using ETC and ASTC texture compression formats. It includes command line tools, and a GUI for comparing the original, and compressed textures.

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OpenGL ES Emulator

Mali OpenGL ES Emulator is a library that maps OpenGL ES API calls to the desktop OpenGL API. Downloads are available on both Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit builds. 

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ASTC Evaluation Codec

The ASTC Evaluation Codec is a command-line executable that compresses and decompresses images using the Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression standard.

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Optimization is the process of taking an application and making it more efficient. Browse our collection of resources for optimising for an Arm Mali GPU, including tools and best practice guides.

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Graphics Development

Are you a graphics developer targeting mobile platforms? Access a wealth of resources in our graphics solutions space. Find best practise guides, sample code, SDKs, and more to help build and optimise your project

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