Mali Offline Compiler

Purpose built for Mali

A command-line tool that you can use to compile all shaders and kernels from OpenGL ES, Vulkan and Open CL. Mali Offline Compiler performance reports provide easy visibility of the expected performance and the likely performance bottlenecks of your shader programs on any of the available Mali GPU targets. 

Available as part of Arm Mobile Studio.

Get started

Command-line control

Use the malioc command with a comprehensive range of options to compile your program. See all available options with malioc --help .

Developer assistance

Check the validity of kernels and shaders and get verbose feedback on performance and errors to accelerate debugging and optimization.

Easy automation

Mali Offline Compiler's command-line interface enables easy integration into your existing build and test systems. 

Choose your target

Select your compiler target from a range of supported Mali GPUs, ensuring accurate feedback for the GPU in your target device.

Compile OpenGL ES shaders

Compile and evaluate source shaders for all versions of OpenGL ES.

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Compile Vulkan shaders

Compile source shaders and SPIR‑V binary modules for a Vulkan 1.0 feature level.

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Compile OpenCL C kernels

Write and evaluate OpenCL C kernels using an OpenCL 1.1 feature level.

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  • Analyze and accelerate shaders

    See how your shader programs perform on a Mali GPU with Mali Offline Compiler. Get an approximate cycle cost breakdown, to find bottlenecks.

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  • Mali Offline Compiler documentation

    Browse the documentation to learn more about Mali Offline Compiler.

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Looking for an older version?

Older standalone Mali Offline Compiler releases (v6.4 and earlier) which include support for the Mali-400 series GPUs are available on our legacy downloads page.

Download older versions