Performance Advisor Beta Programme

Arm Performance Advisor is an easy-to-use profiling tool that provides advice about useful performance optimizations that you can make to an application or system. It consumes captured profile data, provided by Streamline and Graphics Analyzer.

Help us to make performance analysis across all Android devices easy and smart, by being a part of the creation of Arm Performance Advisor, which will complete the Arm Mobile Studio ecosystem.

Get in touch, to sign-up for the Performance Advisor Beta Programme. If you're a good candidate, we'll send you your pre-release version of Performance Advisor and we'll ask for your feedback when you have tested it.

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Feature roadmap

See which features we have planned for Arm Performance Advisor in upcoming beta releases.

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Collaboration with Space Ape Games

Learn about how Arm worked with Space Ape Games to integrate Arm Performance Advisor into their CI workflow, to create nightly reports with actionable advice on how to improve the performance of their games.

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