Quick performance analytics on Android

Find and fix performance issues earlier in your development cycle

Performance Advisor is a lightweight reporting tool that provides you with quick analytics on how your Android application performs on a mobile device. Easy-to-read interactive charts show how performance changes over time, and where bottlenecks are causing the CPU or GPU to run inefficiently. Performance Advisor tells you whether your application is vertex or fragment bound, and links to advice about how to solve common graphics problems that might slow down your application, overheat your device or consume too much power.

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Android profiling with Performance Advisor

Learn how to use Performance Advisor to generate an easy-to-read summary of how your application performs on an Android device.

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  • Performance advice

    Performance Advisor improves your game development workflow by providing timely, easy-to-read analysis of game performance, with targeted optimization advice.

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  • Collaboration with Space Ape Games

    Learn how Arm worked with Space Ape Games to integrate Arm Performance Advisor into their CI workflow, to create nightly reports with actionable advice on how to improve the performance of their games.

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Available metrics

Performance Advisor provides the following key metrics to help you understand your performance profile.

Average frame rate

See where your application is achieving your required frame rate, and what might be causing a problem if it drops below target.

CPU and GPU utilzation

CPU and GPU utilization

See how efficiently your application consuming the device's CPU and GPU resources.

Overdraw per pixel

 Identify problems caused by transparency or rendering order, by monitoring the number of times pixels are shaded before they are displayed.

Draw calls per frame

Check the absolute number of draw calls per frame to identify CPU workload inefficiencies.

Primitives per frame

See how many input primitives are being processed per frame, and how many of them are visible in the scene.

Pixels per frame

See the total number of pixels being rendered per frame to rule out problems caused by changes in the application render pass configuration such as additional passes for new shadow casters or post-processing effects.

Shader cycles per frame

See the total number of shader cycles per frame, broken down by pipeline, so you can see which workloads are occupying the GPU.

GPU bandwidth

Monitor the distribution of GPU bandwidth, including the breakdown between reads and writes, so you can minimize external memory accesses to save energy.

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Optimization advice

Read our advice about common graphics problems and how to avoid them.


User guide

Learn about Performance Advisor's features and functionality.

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Integrated performance reports

with Arm Mobile Studio Professional Edition

Regular performance reports enable you to get instant feedback throughout your development cycle. With an Arm Mobile Studio Professional license, Performance Advisor can generate machine-readable JSON reports, that you can import into your existing performance regression tracking systems. Automatically generate a nightly report and compare metrics between runs to quickly determine which changes impacted performance.

Arm Mobile Studio Professional