Quick and easy performance analysis for mobile applications

Visualize the performance of mobile games and applications for a broad range of devices, using Arm Mobile Studio - Streamline Performance Analyzer. This tool lets you optimize for mobile faster, including for 64-bit and big.LITTLE, quickly determining whether your performance bottleneck relates to the CPU or GPU using easy-to-interpret charts. Where performance issues are related to the CPU, you can pinpoint the biggest problem areas in your code by drilling down in your application through threads and functions calls, right down to line by line source code analysis. 

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Optimize for 64-bit architecture

Most of today’s mobile devices are based on Arm’s 64-bit architecture and when games and applications take advantage of this, they can get some great performance gains. Streamline supports 64-bit by default in all versions making it easy to tweak applications to get the very best performance.

Annotate your code to link notable sections with performance data

Streamline enables you to annotate code in an application or game. This allows the user to relate parts of their code with the performance data that gets generated. This is customizable by each user, but examples include: seeing how long their physics takes per frame, or whether their job manager is scheduling things effectively.