Install Arm Mobile Studio

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Install on macOS

Arm Mobile Studio is provided as a dmg package. To mount it, double-click the dmg package. You can copy the directory tree to the Applications folder on your local file system for easy access.

Launch Streamline and Graphics Analyzer on macOS

Launch the tools directly from the dmg package, or from the location where you copied the directory tree:

  1. To launch Streamline, go to the streamline folder, and double-click the file.
  2. To launch Graphics Analyzer, go to the graphics_analyzer/gui folder, and double-click the Graphics file.
  3. To launch Mali Offline Compiler, navigate to the location where you extracted the package, go to the mali_offline_compiler directory, and run the malioc command. Use the --help option to list all the available command options.
    cd <install_location>/mali_offline_compiler
    ./malioc --help
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