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NCSOFT Developer Wins the Grand Prix in 2021 Arm Mali Graphics Championship

5th November 2021

Introducing the story of Soo-won Park, responsible for game performance optimization and GameDev Team of the Publishing Coordination Office in NCSOFT. Soo-won won the Grand Prix in 2021 Arm Mali Graphics Championship in recognition of his successful performance. Learn more in this blog.

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Announcing Optimization Champions on Arm TV

27th October 2021

Hear from our grand prize winner of the Arm Mali Graphics Championship at ArmDevSummit in October. This video announcing the prize-winning game studios and lets you hear from one of our competition judges, supporting our inaugural game developer contest for Arm Mobile Studio users.

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What Excellence Looks Like in Mobile Game Optimization

19th October 2021

Arm blog, announcing the winners of the 2021 Mali Graphics Competition. Find out who walked away with up to $15,000 worth of mobile gaming related prizes after being crowned a champion in our competition taking place this summer. We celebrate the tremendous skills in analyzing game performance on Arm Mali using the free Arm Mobile Studio tool suite.

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Mali GPU training series

23rd July 2021

This training series for game developers covers the latest techniques for optimizing mobile game performance. It will give you an in-depth training from fundamentals of underlying GPU hardware to API best practices and how to identify problems using Arm Mobile Studio's performance analysis tools.

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Arm Mobile Studio 2021.2 released

9th July 2021

This release of Arm Mobile Studio is a patch release to fix some issues in Graphics Analyzer. Other tools in the bundle are unchanged in this release.

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Arm Mali Graphics Championships

23rd June 2021

This is your chance to become the celebrated champion of optimizing games for mobile by showing off your skills at analyzing the performance of our new sample game. Use the free tools in Arm Mobile Studio to identify all the presenting graphics problems when the game is running on any supported Arm-Mali GPU powered device and submit your advice for resolving issues.

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Arm Mobile Studio 2021.1 released

7th June 2021

We are happy to announce the release of Arm Mobile Studio 2021.1, the latest version of our tool suite for profiling Android applications and games. Read our latest blog to learn about the new features and quality-of-life improvements in both the 2021.0 and 2021.1 releases.

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Arm Mobile Studio package for Unity

1st June 2021

With the introduction of the new Mobile Studio plug-in for Unity, it’s now easier to perform mobile optimizations on your mobile game. This package provides a simple way to incorporate annotations into your project, which are then accessible within the Arm Mobile Studio profiling tools, Streamline and Performance Advisor. These annotations provide useful context for analyzing performance, so you can see when certain actions or events take place within a game, in addition to their corresponding performance impact.

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New webinars for Android graphics optimization

23rd April 2021

Watch our webinar series to learn the latest techniques for mobile game optimization. Hear first-hand advice from optimization experts and architects of the most prevalent graphics processors across Android devices today. The webinars provide in-depth training for game developers, covering everything from the fundamentals of underlying GPU hardware to API best practices and how to identify problems using performance analysis tools.

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New Mobile Studio package for Unity

14th April 2021

We've created a Unity package that provides a simple way to add annotations to your game, which are then exposed within the Arm Mobile Studio profiling tools, Streamline and Performance Advisor. These annotations provide useful context when analyzing performance, showing when certain actions or events have taken place within a game, and enabling you to more easily identify the cause of any performance issues.

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Bringing console gaming to mobile with Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

6th April 2021

King’s Torbjörn Söderman explains why scalability and optimization were vital to bringing one of console gaming’s most recognized franchises to mobile.

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Dark Arms Game

Tackling profiling for mobile games with Unity and Arm

11th March 2021

Learn how to take on mobile performance issues with profiling tools from Unity and Arm. Go in depth on how to profile with Unity, how to optimize performance drop offs and tips and tricks on getting the most out of your game assets.

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Integrate Arm Mobile Studio with Unreal Engine

10th March 2021

This tutorial describes how to add instrumentation to your Unreal Engine project, so that you can analyze different regions of your game separately in Arm Mobile Studio.

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World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz: Automated performance testing for modern graphics needs

9th March 2021

Read about how Wargaming used Arm Mobile Studio and automated performance testing to drive optimal player experiences for World of Tanks Blitz.

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Cycles budget in Performance Advisor

Setting budgets with Performance Advisor

5th March 2021

Read our tutorial to learn how to add your own performance budgets to Performance Advisor reports, to help measure your application against the expected GPU performance of the target device.

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Learning resources for Arm Mobile Studio

10th February 2021

If you're new to Arm Mobile Studio, read our blog to find all the resources you need to get started.

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Unity Learn course - 3D Art optimization for mobile applications 

29th January 2021

Arm and Unity have published a new Unity Learn course, created with technical artists and content creators in mind. In this intermediate course, participants will learn how to produce performance-optimized 3D assets and scenes for mobile applications. Topics will cover tips on optimizing geometry, textures, materials, shaders, and lighting.

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Optimizing Android games has never been easier

12th January 2021

In this blog, Ramnath Swamy, product manager for Arm Mobile Studio, talks about the evolution of our tools to meet the needs of Android games developers. 

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Arm Mobile Studio 2020.3 released

11th January 2021

Get the latest version of Arm Mobile Studio with:

  • Plug-and-play device connection for Streamline
  • No interceptor library required for Graphics Analyzer
  • Better visibility of Mali GPU configuration in Streamline
  • Build your own custom Performance Advisor reports
  • Quality-of-life improvements for Mali Offline Compiler

This release also includes several fixes and performance enhancements - read the full release notes.

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Arm Mobile Studio - The story so far

7th January 2021

Ramnath Swamy introduces the latest release of Arm Mobile Studio and highlights progress over the last 2 years.

Mali festive tips

1st December 2020

It's the holiday season, and we're giving you 12 festive gifts over the next couple of weeks. In this series of short videos, we'll explore some quick optimization tips to help you get the best mobile graphics performance on the widest range of devices. Follow @ArmMali on Twitter for more tips


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Profiling Mali Graphics at Arm DevSummit

24th November 2020

At Arm DevSummit in October, we explored how to improve the immersive nature of mobile games by optimizing graphics. If you missed it, here is the recording. In this session we talk about using Arm Mobile Studio to gain insights into how to improve game performance on a mid-range Android device with a Mali GPU. 

CI performance testing

1st October 2020

Our friends at published an article about how automated performance testing with Arm Performance Advisor can benefit your development team, by providing proactive insights into game performance over time.

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Optimizing assets for mobile VR

25th September 2020

Here are some great tips from Arm's Joe Rozek on the recommended optimizations that enable you to get the most out of your game on mobile VR. This was presented at the Oculus Start Community Game Jam.

Android game analysis with Arm Mobile Studio

September 29th 2020

Read Samsung's blog to learn how Arm Mobile Studio can make Android game analysis easy across multiple devices with different performance specifications.

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Arm Mobile Studio 2020.2 now available

September 15th, 2020

The latest release of Arm Mobile Studio includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Device connection has been improved, making it quicker and easier to capture data with Streamline and Graphics Analyzer.
  • Set per-frame performance budgets and see how your game performs against them in your Performance Advisor report.
  • Mali Offline Compiler now supports the latest Valhall-based GPUs. Reports have been enhanced to include a range of shader properties and better stack and register usage figures.
  • Export Mali Offline Compiler reports as machine-readable JSON files, to integrate with your performance monitoring systems.
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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What's new in Mali Offline Compiler 7.2

September 15th 2020

Watch this video to see all the new features in Mali Offline Compiler, available in the latest release of Arm Mobile Studio. 2020.2.

Android graphics tracing with Graphics Analyzer

September 9th, 2020

Watch our new video to learn how to use Graphics Analyzer to capture a trace of your game running on an Android device, and analyze a problematic scene.

Tutorial - Integrate Arm Mobile Studio into a CI workflow

August 25th 2020

If your development team uses a CI (continuous integration) system to merge daily code changes, you can run nightly automated on-device performance testing across multiple devices, with an Arm Mobile Studio professional edition license. Read our tutorial to learn how to automatically generate easy-to-read summary reports in HTML for your team to analyze each morning, and export machine-readable JSON reports, so you can build your own performance dashboards with any JSON-compatible database and visualization tools such as ELK stack.

Ci testing workflow

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Profiling insights with Performance Advisor

August 19th 2020

See the benefits to your development team when you collect data nightly with Performance Advisor, and push the data in machine-readable JSON format, to a database and visualization platform, to monitor performance over time.

Performance Advisor Summary

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Create ASTC textures faster with astenc 2.0

August 18th 2020

Arm announces astenc 2.0, now available on GitHub. Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) is an advanced lossy texture compression format, useful for mobile 3D applications using the OpenGL ES and Vulkan APIs. It was developed by Arm and AMD and released as royalty-free open standard by the Khronos Group. Read the blog from Khronos about what's new.

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Enhancing mobile performance with Unity's Burst compiler

August 17th 2020

Developing games with Unity? Read their blog about how technology in the Burst compiler enables developers who are building projects with Unity to take advantage of the Arm Neon instruction set. You can also watch our talk from Unite Now:

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Arm Mobile Studio editions

July 6th 2020

Refer to our comparison table to see which features are available with different editions of Arm Mobile Studio.

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Unity lighting tips for mobile game development

June 15th 2020

Tips to help Unity developers optimize lighting for mobile games. Learn about how the rendering pipeline, lightmaps, light probes and other techniques to reduce the computational cost of lighting and make your game run faster.

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Arm Mobile Studio professional edition

June 10th 2020

The professional edition of Arm Mobile Studio provides a scalable solution so that you can build Performance Advisor into a continuous integration workflow, to automatically generate nightly reports for multiple devices, that your team can evaluate every morning. You can also push the data in machine-readable JSON format, to any database and visualization platform, to monitor performance over time.

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Mali GPU datasheet

May 26th 2020

Download our datasheet to compare the different features and capabilities of Arm Mali GPUs from the Midgard-based Mali-T720, to the Valhall-based Mali-G78.

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Mali GPU performance counters

May 5th 2020

Arm Mali GPUs implement a comprehensive range of performance counters, that enable you to closely monitor GPU activity in Streamline as your application runs. Refer to the counter reference pages for detailed descriptions of each of the performance counters.

Mali GPU performance counters