Mali Festive Tips

As the holiday season approaches, we are feeling festive! Here are some tips and tricks for optimizing mobile games. 

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Why are draws so expensive?

In our first video of the season, Joe Rozek, developer relations engineer at Arm, talks about how to reduce draw call cost.

Texture filtering tips

Learn all about texture filtering from Peter Harris, technical product owner and distinguished engineer at Arm.

Power budgets on mobile

Here's Julie Gaskin, developer evangelist at Arm, talking about how control your power usage, to prevent mobile devices from overheating.

Vulkan dependencies

Peter Harris, technical product director and distinguished engineer at Arm, takes us through some tips to avoid performance problems when developing mobile apps using the Vulkan API.

The Mali GPU family

Pablo Fraile, director of developer ecosystems at Arm, introduces the Mali GPU architectures and describes their evolution over time.

Managing data resources

Esther Marnoch, marketing manager at Arm presents some tips on how to avoid data resource ghosting, which can add a significant CPU overhead to your application.

Avoiding overdraw in 2D games

Next, Gemma Platt, senior marketing manager at Arm, presents some ideas to improve performance by reducing overdraw.

Efficient user interfaces

Pick up tips on ways to efficiently use geometry to build shapes for UIs, presented by Esther Marnoch, marketing manager at Arm.

Dealing with microtriangles

Developer relations engineer Joe Rozek explains why complex geometry can cause poor performance on mobile. 

Culling explained

Joshua Insoll, graduate product specialist at Arm explains how culling at different points in the GPU pipeline affects game performance, and where to see it in Arm Mobile Studio.

Reducing shader cost

Some great tips on how to make your shader programs more efficient for mobile applications, with Julie Gaskin, developer evangelist at Arm.

Mobile Studio... the story so far

Mobile Studio has evolved over the last 2 years into an all-inclusive, dedicated toolsuite for Android developers. Ramnath Swamy, product manager at Arm tells the story.