Mali GPU training series

Free Android graphics optimization training

Learn the latest techniques for mobile game optimization. This video series provides in-depth training for game developers, covering everything from the fundamentals of underlying GPU hardware to API best practices and how to identify problems using Arm Mobile Studio's performance analysis tools.

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How to install Arm Mobile Studio on Windows, macOS or Linux.


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Get up and running quickly with Arm Mobile Studio tools.

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Step-by-step instructions for the most common analysis tasks.



Learn how Arm Mobile Studio can help you optimize for Android.

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Performance Advisor reporting

Learn how to take a capture with Streamline and generate a Performance report with Performance Advisor.

Investigate graphics API calls with Graphics Analyzer

Learn how to capture a trace of a mobile game with Graphics Analyzer.

Analyze with Streamline

Learn how to analyze a Streamline capture to look for performance problems.

Analyze shaders with  Mali Offline Compiler

Learn how to generate a shader analysis with Mali Offline Compiler.

Mali GPU performance counters

Arm Mali GPUs implement a comprehensive range of performance counters, that enable you to closely monitor GPU activity in Streamline as your application runs.

Performance counters

Mali GPU datasheet

To understand more about how each device performs, get our handy datasheet which lists the major feature differences between all the Mali GPUs.


Optimization advice

Read our advice about how to avoid common graphics problems that might cause your application to run slow, or cause the device to overheat.


Performance Advisor documentation

Learn how to generate a performance summary from an annotated Streamline capture.

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Streamline documentation

Learn how to use Streamline to capture a performance profile of your application.

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Graphics Analyzer documentation

Browse our documentation to learn how to debug graphics API calls with Graphics Analyzer.

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Mali Offline Compiler documentation

Learn how to compile shader programs and generate a static analysis report.

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Graphics developer guides

View the complete selection of developer guides including the Arm Guide for Unity Developers, OpenGL ES 3.0 and 3.1, OpenCL and the Mali GPU application optimization guide. Each guide contains a number of chapters walking you through an introduction before moving you on to advanced concepts.

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