Learn the latest techniques for mobile game optimization

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Hear first-hand advice from optimization experts and architects of the most prevalent graphics processors across Android devices today. The webinars will provide in-depth training for game developers, covering everything from the fundamentals of underlying GPU hardware to API best practices and how to identify problems using performance analysis tools.

1: Mobile graphics processing fundamentals

Learn the basic fundamentals around mobile GPUs, the graphics rendering pipeline, and how shader cores work.

12th May 2021

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3D game graphics

2: Best practice principles for mobile game development

The latest recommendations for optimal mobile graphics development to get the best out of modern GPUs.

19th May 2021

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3: Performance analysis with Arm Mobile Studio

Learn how to identify performance problems on off-the-shelf Android devices, using free tools from Arm.

25th May 2021

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Course outline

By attending all three webinars you will learn tips for creating more efficient graphics, avoiding game lag and excessive battery usage, and how to discover graphics issues quickly using the free tools available in Arm Mobile Studio. The later session will introduce the modern workflows and tools that help you put in practise the principles that you learnt in the earlier sessions. 

At the end of each webinar, our experts will be available for an extended Q&A session where you are more than welcome to ask the questions related to your own specific problems.

Episode 1 – Mobile Graphics Processing Fundamentals

12th May 2021

This introductory webinar explores the mobile GPU (Graphics Processing Unit); how it behaves and where you can find them in modern systems. We provide an overview of the rendering pipeline used by OpenGL ES and Vulkan graphics APIs, explaining each pipeline stage. Finally, we will demonstrate how the rendering pipeline translates into GPU hardware, and how shader cores are designed to execute shader programs efficiently.

  • Introduction to mass market Android mobile systems
  • Understanding the rendering pipeline
  • GPU architecture overview
  • Get the basics on hardware shader cores
  • Q&A: your questions for presenters

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Episode 2 – Best Practice Principles for Mobile Game Development

19th May 2021

This webinar covers the latest best practice recommendations for graphics API development, which when followed correctly ensure the best performance from commonly deployed Mali GPUs. The session will demystify the high-level design principles for how best to drive the hardware. You will also learn expert recommendations for the major types of artistic content, such a textures, buffers, and shaders.

  • Mali GPU best practises
  • Principles for frame construction
  • API best practises
  • The right approach for developing content
  • Latest recommendations for shaders
  • Q&A: your questions for presenters

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Episode 3 – Performance analysis with Arm Mobile Studio

25th May 2021

Our third webinar introduces Arm’s free-to-use performance analysis tools, revealing faster techniques for identifying performance problems on off-the-shelf Android devices. We will demonstrate how Arm Mobile Studio lets you monitor FPS and see how your game is using the device’s CPU and GPU resources. You will also learn how to debug your graphics API calls and shader programs to find more ways to optimize your content for mobile.

  • Introducing Arm Mobile Studio
  • Identifying game bottlenecks quickly with Performance Advisor
  • Interpreting interactive charts in Streamline profiler
  • How to trace API calls using Graphics Analyzer
  • Quick steps to shader analysis and problem detection with Mali Offline Compiler
  • Q&A: your questions for presenters

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