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Read how Arm Mobile Studio fits into your game development workflow.

  • Automated performance advice

    Performance Advisor improves your game development workflow by providing timely, easy-to-read analysis of game performance, with targeted optimization advice.

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  • Analyze and accelerate shaders

    See how your shader programs perform on a Mali GPU with Mali Offline Compiler. Get an approximate cycle cost breakdown, to find bottlenecks.

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  • Analyze Mali GPUs with Streamline

    Streamline provides a set of templates for the Mali Bifrost GPU family. This article walks through the use of the template for a Mali-G72 GPU.

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  • Integrate Arm Mobile Studio with Unity

    See how Arm Mobile Studio can help you analyze performance on Android, and how it works together with the Unity game engine. 

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Collaboration with Space Ape Games

Learn about how Arm worked with Space Ape Games to integrate Arm Performance Advisor into their CI workflow, to create nightly reports with actionable advice on how to improve the performance of their games.

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