Prepare your Unreal Engine application

Note: This step is only necessary for devices running Android 9 or earlier. For Android 10 devices Graphics Analyzer can use GLES layers or Vulkan validation layers to collect information from the device. You can ignore this step and go straight to Capture a trace.

To enable Graphics Analyzer to trace your application, you need to enable Graphics Analyzer in your Unreal Engine project:

  1. Open your Unreal Engine project.
  2. Open the Project Settings window.
  3. Under Platforms, select Android.
  4. On the right-hand side, under Graphics Debugger, select Mali Graphics Debugger from the Android Graphics Debugger drop-down list.
    Note: Mali Graphics Debugger is the old name for Graphics Analyzer.
  5. In the Mali Graphics Debugger Path field, enter the path to the Graphics Analyzer folder in the Arm Mobile Studio installation directory:
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