Before you begin

  1. Download and install Arm Mobile Studio.
  2. On Linux or macOS, add the install location of Mali Offline Compiler to your PATH environment variable so that you can compile from any directory. If you installed on Windows using the installer, this step is done automatically.

    If you omit this step, you must navigate to the <install_location>/mali_offline_compiler directory each time you want to run Mali Offline Compiler.

  3. In a terminal, test that Mali Offline Compiler is installed correctly, by typing:
    malioc --help

    The --help option returns usage instructions and the full list of available options for the malioc command.

Note: On macOS, Mali Offline Compiler might not be recognised as an application from an identified developer. To enable Mali Offline Compiler, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy, and select  Allow Anyway for the 'malioc' item.

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