To get quick analytics on how your Android application performs on your target device, use Performance Advisor to turn a Streamline capture into an easy-to-read performance summary.

This tutorial describes how to:

  • Run the Python script lwi_me.py to set up the device
  • Take a capture with Streamline
  • Use the pa command to generate a Performance Advisor report in HTML format
  • pa command to generate a Performance Advisor report in JSON format (Professional edition only)
  • Access command-line documentation for the lwi_me.py script and pa command.

This video shows the steps required and gives an overview of a Performance Advisor report:

Note: Before capturing with Streamline, you must use the provided Python script lwi_me.py to prepare your device. This script installs a daemon application and the relevant OpenGL ES or Vulkan layer library that enables frame data to be captured. You can not generate a Performance Advisor report from a Streamline capture without first running this script.