Before you begin

  1. Download Arm Mobile Studio.
  2. Follow the Installation instructions to install Arm Mobile Studio and set up your environment.
  3. Ensure you have Android Debug Bridge (ADB) installed. ADB is available with the Android SDK platform tools, which are installed as part of Android Studio, or you can download them separately here.
  4. Arm Mobile Studio uses a Python script to connect to your device. To run this script, you will need Python 3.5 or later installed.
  5. For Android 9 devices or earlier, you must include the Arm interceptor library into your application. This library is provided in the installation directory. Follow the instructions here to package this library:
    1. Prepare your application
    2. Prepare your Unity application
    3. Prepare your Unreal Engine application
    For Android 10 devices, you don't need to do this, instead, you will specify a layer library file when running the connection script. You can go straight to Capture a Streamline profile.
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