Generate a JSON file

Performance Advisor can generate report data in JSON format, so that you can import it into any JSON-compatible database, and visualize the data in your own performance dashboards, to track performance over multiple runs.

Note: This feature is available as part of Arm Mobile Studio professional edition. If you would like to integrate Performance Advisor into your continuous integration workflow, request a professional edition license.

  1. Run Performance Advisor's pa command on your Streamline capture file, with the --type option to generate a JSON report called report.json in the current location:
    pa capture.apc ‑‑type=json:report.json
    You can specify both HTML and JSON types, to generate a report in each format:
    pa capture.apc ‑‑type=html:report.html,json:report.json
    Optionally, you can include options to specify a different directory to save the report to, and metadata such as the application name, device name and build name, to help you identify the run:
    pa capture.apc --directory=$HOME/Documents/Reports ‑‑application-name="My Game" ‑‑device-name="A50" ‑‑build-name="First Build"
    For a full list of the available command options, refer to The pa command in the Performance Advisor user guide.
    Note: If you are using an Arm Mobile Studio to do system-wide profiling on a rooted device, you also need to specify the application name with the --process option:
    pa my_capture.apc [options]
  2. The JSON report is saved to the current location, or to the directory that you specified with the --directory option.

For more information, refer to Integrate Arm Mobile Studio into a CI workflow.

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