Generate a JSON file

Note: This feature is available as part of Arm Mobile Studio Professional Edition. If you would like to integrate Performance Advisor into your continuous integration workflow, please register your interest on our sign-up page.

You can generate report data in JSON format, so that you can import it into external dashboards or regression tracking systems, to build your own metrics and track performance over multiple runs.

  1. In a terminal, navigate to the location of your Streamline capture file. This file can be a Streamline .apc directory or a .zip file that has been exported from Streamline.
  2. Run Performance Advisor's pa command with the --type option to generate a JSON report called report.json:
    pa capture.apc ‑p ‑d <path_to_output_directory> ‑‑type=json:report.json  

    You can specify both HTML and JSON types, to generate a report in each format:

    pa capture.apc ‑p ‑d <path_to_output_directory> ‑‑type=html:report.html,json:report.json

    Optionally, you can include options to specify the application name, device name and build name, to help you identify the run:

    pa capture.apc -p -d <path_to_output_directory> ‑‑application-name="My Game" ‑‑device-name="A50" ‑‑build-name="First Build"
  3. Go to the directory that you specified with the -d option to find your performance report in JSON format.

For further command options, refer to the pa command topic in the Performance Advisor User Guide.

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