Generate a performance report

  1. In a terminal, navigate to the location of your Streamline capture file. This file can be a Streamline .apc directory or a .zip file that has been exported from Streamline.
  2. Run Performance Advisor's pa command to generate an HTML report:
    pa capture.apc -p -d <path_to_output_directory>

    Optionally, you can include options to specify the application name, device name and build name:

    pa capture.apc -p -d <path_to_output_directory> --application-name="My Game" --device-name="A50" --build-name="First Build"

    These attributes are shown at the top of the report to help you identify the run.

  3. Go to the directory that you specified with the -d option to find your performance report in HTML format. Double-click this file to open it in a browser.

For further command options, refer to the pa command topic in the Performance Advisor user guide.

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