Analyze your capture

Analyze the data in Streamline's Timeline view to see how the GPU and CPU in the device handled your application. The charts area is populated with the performance counter activity for the counters in the selected template. Below the charts area is the details panel, which provides further metrics from your capture. Both the charts and details panel are aligned on the timeline.

For detailed descriptions of all of the available counters for each Mali GPU, refer to the Mali GPU counter reference.

  1. Control the granularity of the data by selecting the time unit. For example, if you choose 50ms, every color-coded unit in the details panel represents data captured during a 50ms window.
  2. Hover over a chart to see the values at that point on the timeline.
    Hover over a chart in Streamline to see the values
  3. Click anywhere on the timeline and drag the handles on the cross-section marker to select a range of time to investigate more closely. The information shown in the details panel when in Processes and Samples modes updates to show data for the window of time you have defined.
    Cross-section marker

    Note: If you define a region of time with the Cross-section marker, then change the view to a larger time unit where the Cross-section marker border cannot sit precisely, the border is displayed as a blurred line.

  4. Unlike the filter controls, moving and expanding the Cross-section marker does not affect the data in the other report views. To do this, use the calipers to set the required time region. Drag the calipers to the required time region, or right-click on the timeline and select Set Left Caliper or Set Right Caliper. When you move the calipers, the Call Paths, Functions, and Code views update to show information for the selected region. 
    Select a time region with the calipers

Refer to Android performance triage with Streamline to learn more about how to interpret the charts in Streamline. For more information about the different views and capabilities of Streamline, see Analyze your capture in the Arm Streamline User Guide.

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