Capture a profile

  1. Select Start Capture.
    Streamline start capture button
  2. Specify the name and location of the capture file that Streamline will create when the capture is complete. Streamline then switches to Live view and waits for you to start the application on the device.
  3. Start the application you want to profile. Live view shows charts for each counter that you selected. Below the charts is a list of running processes in your application with their CPU usage. The charts now start updating in real time to show the data that gatord captures from your running application:
  4. Unless you specified a capture duration, click Stop capture to end the capture . Arm Streamline stores the capture file in the location you specified previously and then prepares the capture for analysis. When complete, the capture appears in the Timeline view.
  5. IMPORTANT: Switch back to the terminal running the script and press any key to terminate it. The script kills all processes that it started and removes gatord from the target.
  6. Select the Switch and manage templates button  and select the same counter configuration template that you chose to create the capture.
    Select the counter template for your target GPU
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