Choose a counter template

Counter templates are pre-defined sets of performance counters that enable you to perform an initial performance review of how the CPU and GPU behave when you run your application. Choose the most appropriate template for the GPU in your target device.

  1. From the Target tab, open the Counter configuration dialog by selecting the button.
    Choose counter configuration in Streamline
  2. Choose Add counters from a template Add counters from a template button to see the list of available templates. 

    Streamline's counter configuration dialog
  3. Choose a counter template appropriate for the target GPU in your target device. The number of counters in the template that your target device supports is shown next to each template. For example, here, 34 of the 38 available counters in the Mali Midgard template are supported in the connected device. 
    Choosing a counter template in Streamline

    For detailed descriptions of all of the available counters for each Mali GPU, refer to the Mali GPU counter reference.

  4. Save your changes.
  5. Optionally, select the Capture and Analysis options button from the Target tab, to set additional capture options, including the sample rate and the capture duration. Refer to Capture options in the Arm Streamline User Guide for more details.
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