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Complete the getting started tutorial to start using Streamline.

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Introducing Streamline

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Set up your host machine

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Set up your target device

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Compile your application

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Capture a profile

Capture data on a non-rooted Android device.

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Headless capture

Capture data without the GUI as part of a CI workflow. Available with Arm Mobile Studio professional edition.

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Analyze your capture

Identify performance bottlenecks and where to focus optimizations

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Mali GPU performance counters

Arm Mali GPUs implement a comprehensive range of performance counters, that enable you to closely monitor GPU activity in Streamline as your application runs.

Performance counters

Annotate your code

Add context to your capture by relating it to specific parts of your application .

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Troubleshoot common issues

Common issues and their solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Streamline FAQs

More Streamline guides

For users of Arm Development Studio, the following guides are also available:

Target Setup Guide for Linux

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Target Setup Guide for Bare-metal Applications

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