If your development team uses a CI (continuous integration) system to merge daily code changes, you can run nightly automated on-device performance testing across multiple devices, with Arm Mobile Studio professional edition. Automatically generate easy-to-read summary reports in HTML for your team to analyze each morning, and export machine-readable JSON reports, so you can build your own performance dashboards with any JSON-compatible database and visualization tools such as ELK stack.

  1. Regularly pull your latest code and assets from your project repository and build debuggable APKs of the application test cases you want to run.
  2. Add the Arm Mobile Studio capture and report generation commands to an appropriate stage of your CI pipeline, to export performance data in HTML and JSON format.
  3. Push your JSON files to a database where you can collect and analyze the data over time. 

CI Testing 

Note: This feature is only available with an Arm Mobile Studio professional edition license. Get in touch to tell us about your requirements and take a 30 day trial of Arm Mobile Studio professional.