Create an Unreal Engine project

Follow these steps to create a new Unreal Engine project for mobile:

  1. Launch Unreal Engine, select Games and click Next.
    Create a new games project in Unreal Engine
  2. Unreal Engine provides some templates that contain already-configured controls for mobile devices. Or you can create your own by selecting Blank. Choose an option and click Next.
    Selecting a template in Unreal Engine
  3. Choose your required graphics settings for the project. For the purposes of this tutorial, here are some recommended settings:
    1. Create a C++ project
    2. Choose Mobile/Tablet as the target platform
    3. Choose Maximum Quality
    4. Choose No Starter Content to significantly reduce the size of the APK
    5. Set Raytracing Disabled as this is often too demanding for mobile GPUs
    6. Give your project a name and location.

    Project settings in Unreal Engine
  4. Click Create Project.
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