Arm Mobile Studio Professional Edition

Use Starter Edition for free or upgrade to Pro for CI features

Arm Mobile Studio Starter Edition is free to download and gives access to all the available tools and profiling advice for off-the-shelf mobile Android devices. The Professional (Pro) Edition is a license-based option for customers requiring fully automated monitoring across many devices. It allows users to capture data inside an existing Continuous Integration (CI) system, ensuring app development and performance is always on target and bringing additional support from Arm experts.

Automated performance analysis

If your team is developing Android games on a large scale, regular performance analysis enables you to respond quickly to problems throughout development. With an Arm Mobile Studio professional edition license, you can integrate Arm Mobile Studio into your continuous integration workflow to deploy large-scale, automated testing across multiple devices. 

CI Workflow

Generate machine-readable reports in JSON format, that you can import into any JSON-compatible database visualization tool such as ELK stack. Compare metrics between daily runs to quickly determine how changes to your code impact performance.

Also, with a professional edition license your team gets access to world-class support from Arm experts through our support portal.

More about editions

Try the tools

Before upgrading to Pro, why not try out the Arm Mobile Studio tools: Streamline, Performance Advisor, Graphics Analyzer and Mali Offline Compiler. The Starter Edition is free to use, and enables you to profile using all the tools on a single device.

Download Arm Mobile Studio

Get professional edition

For all the CI features and support, get in touch to tell us about your requirements and take a 30 day trial of Arm Mobile Studio professional.

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If you have questions about professional edition, email

Download and install

Once you have obtained your license serial number from Arm, download Arm Mobile Studio, and refer to the installation guide for instructions on how to generate your license file and configure Arm Mobile Studio to use it.

How to set up your CI workflow with Arm Mobile Studio

Refer to our tutorial to learn how to integrate Arm Mobile Studio into a CI workflow.

Optimize game performance for Android on Arm

Watch this introductory video to learn how Arm Mobile Studio can enhance your games development workflow.

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