Arm Mobile Studio FAQs

Here are answers to common questions about Arm Mobile Studio.

What is the difference between Graphics Analyzer and Mali Graphics Debugger?

Graphics Analyzer is a rebranded version of Mali Graphics Debugger, and will replace Mali Graphics Debugger for future tool releases. The name was changed to highlight that the tool is no longer restricted to supporting platforms only running on a Mali GPU, and will now enable debug of graphical applications irrespective of the GPU in the target device.

The Graphics Analyzer interceptor is failing with a socket permissions error, what can I do?

Impacted releases: Mobile Studio 2019.0.

The Graphics Analyzer interceptor uses a local domain socket to connect the application being instrumented to the on-target daemon, which is used to package the data for the host machine. In recent versions of the Android SDK, applications are placed inside a more restrictive security sandbox which blocks access to the method we use to create the local domain socket.

To avoid this issue, build the application being tested using a manifest, setting the targetSdkVersion to 25 or lower.

The Graphics Analyzer host Device Manager cannot find the daemon APK, what can I do?

Impacted releases: Mobile Studio 2019.0 (macOS only).

The Graphics Analyzer host GUI can be used to install the Graphics Analyzer daemon software on a connected Android device. The current release uses a signed macOS binary for the application but does not use a signed disk image for the data files the application uses, which means that the application cannot  access the APK to install it.

To avoid this issue, manually install the APK using adb install from the command line. The file is located in the installation directory:

adb install <install_location>/graphics_analyzer/target/android/arm/AGA.apk