Arm Mobile Studio tools fail with a license error

If licensing is not set correctly, Arm Mobile Studio tools will fail with a licensing error. The possible causes for this are described here.

2019.x Starter Edition license has expired

Arm Mobile Studio 2019.x Starter Edition licenses have expired. Please download and install the latest version of Arm Mobile Studio to resolve this.

Environment variables are not set to use an upgraded license file

Arm Mobile Studio ships with an integrated Starter Edition license that is automatically detected. An alternative license, such as a commercial license, can be specified using environment variables. Environment variables take precedence over the integrated license configuration, so any misconfiguration can result in a license error.


  1. Check that the ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is set correctly. This variable should specify the path to a valid Mobile Studio license file (node-locked license) or license server (floating licenses).
  2. Check that the ARM_MS_TOOL_VARIANT environment variable is set to ms_evaluation.
  3. Check that the optional ARM_MS_PRODUCT_DEF environment variable specifies a license map that matches a Mobile Studio edition that is available in the license file. If you are unsure, unset this variable.

To revert to the Starter Edition license provided in your Arm Mobile Studio installation, unset all of the licensing environment variables:


Arm Development Studio licenses

Streamline and Graphics Analyzer ship in both Arm Mobile Studio and Arm Development Studio, but the builds of the tool for the two studios are different. You cannot use a Mobile Studio or Development Studio build of a tool with a license for the other build. For more information about Development Studio license configuration, see Licensing Arm Development Studio.

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