Blank sections in Performance Advisor FPS chart

When generating a report with Performance Advisor, some sections of the FPS chart are shown in white, instead of showing a color to indicate the type of boundness: CPU-bound, fragment-bound, vertex-bound, or performing well (VSYNC).

FPS summary chart showing blank sections


Affected releases: All.


In some cases, Performance Advisor might be unable to determine the exact cause of the problem, and has assigned a cause of 'unknown' to that region of the chart. Unknown regions might occur if:

  • The data from Streamline is too noisy
  • Frame markers don't align well with the workload boundaries
  • There is a scheduling issue


  1. Update the firmware on your device to the latest version.
  2. Try capturing the profile again with Streamline, using the latest version of Mobile Studio.
  3. When generating the report with Performance Advisor, use the --main-thread option to explicitly provide the name of the main thread in your application. If there are scheduling issues, Performance Advisor will report it.

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