Graphics Analyzer host Device Manager can not find the daemon APK

In Arm Mobile Studio 2019.0, you could use the Device Manager to install  Graphics Analyzer's daemon APK on a connected Android device. In some cases this fails to work correctly.


Affected releases: Mobile Studio 2019.0.

Fixed in Mobile Studio 2019.1.


Arm Mobile Studio 2019.0 used a signed macOS binary for the application but does not use a signed disk image for the data files the application uses, which means that the application cannot access the APK to install it.


Device connection is handled using a connection script in later versions of Arm Mobile Studio, which makes this process much easier. You should download and install the latest version of Arm Mobile Studio, and follow the getting started tutorial for instructions on how to connect.

To avoid this issue in 2019.0, manually install the APK using adb install from the command line. The file is located in the installation directory:

adb install <install_location>/graphics_analyzer/target/android/arm/AGA.apk

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