Graphics Analyzer interceptor fails with a socket permissions error

When running Graphics Analyzer on an Android target, connection fails and Graphics Analyzer returns a socket permissions error.


Affected releases: Mobile Studio 2019.0, Mobile Studio 2019.1.

Fixed in Mobile Studio 2020.0.


The Graphics Analyzer interceptor uses a local domain socket to connect the application being instrumented to the on-target daemon, which is used to package the data for the host machine. In recent versions of the Android SDK, applications are placed inside a more restrictive security sandbox which blocks access to the method we use to create the local domain socket.


In later versions of Arm Mobile Studio, this process is much easier. You should download and install the latest version of Arm Mobile Studio, and follow the getting started tutorial for instructions on how to connect.

To avoid this issue in earlier versions, build the application being tested using a manifest, setting the targetSdkVersion to 25 or lower.

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