Graphics Analyzer playback and capture buttons unavailable

In some cases, when capturing a trace of an Unreal Engine application using Graphics Analyzer, the playback and capture buttons are not available and appear grayed-out.

Capture buttons are unavailable in Graphics Analyzer


Applies to all versions of Graphics Analyzer when tracing Unreal Engine applications that use mixed Vulkan and OpenGL ES.


This problem can occur if both GLES and Vulkan APIs are selected when starting the capture.

Device Manager in Graphics Analyzer with multiple APIs selected


  • If your application is OpenGL ES only, deselect the option to Install Vulkan Interceptor from the Device Manager when setting up the capture
  • If you need to capture both OpenGL ES and Vulkan API calls, you will need to select both interceptors on the Device Manager. In this case, use the global pause button Global pause button in Graphics Analyzer to pause the application as soon as tracing starts, and then press play Play button in Graphics Analyzer to resume. The capture buttons should now be available.

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