Performance Advisor fails to capture frame data from Unity applications on Android 9

Performance Advisor fails to generate a performance report, giving the error 'Can't find any frames'.


Applications built using Unity 2021.2, installed on a device running Android 9.


Unity 2021.2 removes support for automatically loading the library file, which is required for Android 9 or earlier. This file is usually built in to the Unity application, as described in Prepare your Unity project.

Without this file, Performance Advisor can't collect frame data from your application on devices running Android 9.


Performance Advisor can install OpenGL ES and Vulkan interceptor layers at runtime, by using the Android OS layer driver mechanisms and the helper script. For OpenGL ES, this OS mechanism is only available on Android 10 and newer. There is currently no fallback for versions of Unity that no longer support loading directly.


  • Use an earlier version of Unity, adding the library file as described in Prepare your Unity project
  • Upgrade your device to Android 10 or later.

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