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Arm guide for Unity developers

The Arm demo team has created Arm guide for Unity as a way of collating all of the tips and techniques learned during demo creation. It covers topics from Global illumination to VR and is intended for beginner to intermediate level developers.

Many of the techniques in the guide can be seen in action in our Ice Cave demo.

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Dynamic soft shadows Unity Project - now available on the Unity Asset Store

A complete project, created by the Arm demo team to demonstrate dynamic real-time shadows based on the use of static local cubemaps. The technique improves performance and quality when rendering shadows. This is especially relevant on mobile devices, as the use of available resources must be carefully balanced.


Ice Cave VR mirroring on mobile

Efficient mirroring from Gear VR

How to mirror your VR content to a second device.

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Ice Cave VR stereo reflections

Ice Cave VR demo on Unity

How we used Unity’s VR features to create a VR version of our Ice Cave demo.

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Stereo reflections

Stereo reflections in Unity

Stereo reflections improve the VR experience. 

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ARM GDC Unity talk

Enhancing Unity mobile games

Get the most out of Unity when developing for mobile.

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Refraction diagram graphics techniques

Reflections based on cubemaps

Implement low-cost reflections with this Unity technique.

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Unity and MGD support

Learn how to build a Unity application with Graphics Analyzer support.

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