The Mali Graphics Debugger allows developers to trace Vulkan (1.0), OpenGL ES (1.x, 2.x, and 3.x), EGL (1.4), and OpenCL (1.x) API calls in their application and understand frame-by-frame the effect on the application to help identify possible issues.

Android and Linux Arm based target platforms are currently supported and everything to get you up and running within a matter of moments is provided in the installer package.

For feedback and questions please get in touch through the Arm Connected Community

Mali Graphics Debugger

Version 4.7.0

Released: June 21, 2017

What's new in 4.7.0

  • Support added for the multiview rendering extension.
  • Linux device support has been added to the Device Manager
  • ChromeOS Support and documentation had been added
  • Selective asset tracing has been added, improving tracing speed by only capturing selective assets.
Windows 64-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.7.0.4453324b_Windows_x64.exe (228.78 MB)
Windows 32-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.7.0.4453324b_Windows_x86.exe (225.23 MB)
Linux 64-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.7.0.4453324b_Linux_x64.tgz (230.91 MB)
Mac OS X 64-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.7.0.4453324b_MacOSX_x64.dmg (234.48 MB)
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.7.0.4453324b_Linux_x86.tgz (232.46 MB)

Release Note for Downloads 4.7.0

Release Notes 

You can now select which assets are captured in MGD or you can even select to capture no assets at all and instead only trace the function calls that are used. This greatly speeds up the tracing of an application as it does not need to send as much data back to the host. 

An example of using this would be when you know there are no issues with your textures there is no point in sending all the texture data you can now just turn it off. 

In MGD v4.6 we created a device manager that allowed you to connect and install MGD much more easily. We have now rolled this out to Linux devices as well, so you can easily connect MGD to a Linux device without needing to know the IP address of the device you want to run on.

VR support in MGD has been improved by adding support for the mutiview extension. This extension allows you to reduce the bandwidth in your scene by only sending the geometry once for both of the eyes. 

ChromeOS Support has been added to MGD so you can now use MGD on Chromebook devices.