The Mali Graphics Debugger allows developers to trace Vulkan (1.0), OpenGL ES (1.x, 2.x, and 3.x), EGL (1.4), and OpenCL (1.x) API calls in their application and understand frame-by-frame the effect on the application to help identify possible issues.

Android and Linux Arm based target platforms are currently supported and everything to get you up and running within a matter of moments is provided in the installer package.

For feedback and questions please get in touch through the Arm Connected Community

What's new in 4.9.0

  • The full-trace replay feature has been greatly improved allowing the user to play more MGD traces back on the target:
    • OpenGL ES 3.2 support has been added to the full-trace replay feature allowing all OpenGL ES based content to be replayed on target.
    • Multi-context support has been added to the full-trace replay feature allowing for more complicated applications to be replayed.
Windows 64-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.9.0.6d4fa280_Windows_x64.exe (216.56 MB)
Windows 32-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.9.0.6d4fa280_Windows_x86.exe (213.01 MB)
Linux 64-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.9.0.6d4fa280_Linux_x64.tgz (218.76 MB)
Linux 32-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.9.0.6d4fa280_Linux_x86.tgz (220.31 MB)
Mac OS X 64-bit
File: Mali_Graphics_Debugger_v4.9.0.6d4fa280_MacOSX_x64.dmg (222.79 MB)

Release Note for Downloads 4.9.0

Release Notes

Around a year ago the full-trace replay feature was added to MGD. This allowed the user to take any trace that had been creating using MGD and replay it on the target device. At the time OpenGL ES 2.0 single context applications were supported. This release of MGD extends this feature considerably:


OpenGL ES 3.2 content is now supported in Full-trace replay meaning that the most complex mobile applications available can now be replayed on the target device. This greatly opens up the amount of traces that can be replayed.


Traces with multiple contexts are also now supported in Full-trace replay. This again increases the number of traces that MGD can replay.