• Mali Vulkan SDK: 1.1 March 01, 2017

    What's new in 1.1

    Added Multipass sample
    Added ASTC sample
    Added validation layer integration
    Added backend for VK_KHR_display
    Added backend for VK_KHR_xcb_surface
    Rewrote build system for Android Studio 2.2+ and CMake
    Various improvements to existing samples
    Changed license to MIT

    Github project

  • Mali Vulkan SDK: 1.0 April 17, 2016

    What's new in 1.0

    First release of the Vulkan SDK

    The Mali Vulkan SDK is a collection of resources to help you build Vulkan applications for a platform with a Mali GPU and an Arm processor. You can use it for creating new applications, training, and exploration of implementation possibilities.

    You can use the Mali SDK to produce applications that will run on any devices that run Android and Vulkan on an Arm processor.

    File: vulkansdk100.tgz (1.28 MB)