The Mali GPU Texture Compression Tool enables the developer to compress individual textures or multiple textures to reduce the bandwidth usage required to load textures in graphics applications which gives applications superior performance and reduces power consumption. It supports a variety of different texture formats and allows displaying the original texture and the compressed texture for comparison.

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Mali Texture Compression Tool

Version 4.3

Released: February 05, 2016

  • Mali Texture Compression Tool: 4.3 February 05, 2016

    What's new in 4.3

    • Various bug fixes and enhancements
    • Bundle JRE with application
    • Java dependency updated to Java 8
    • Updated Eclipse dependency to Luna SR2
    Windows 64-bit
    File: Mali_Texture_Compression_Tool_v4.3.0.b81c088_Windows_x64.exe (110.40 MB)
    Windows 32-bit
    File: Mali_Texture_Compression_Tool_v4.3.0.b81c088_Windows_x86.exe (107.02 MB)
    Linux 64-bit
    File: Mali_Texture_Compression_Tool_v4.3.0.b81c088_Linux_x64.tgz (112.77 MB)
    Linux 32-bit
    File: Mali_Texture_Compression_Tool_v4.3.0.b81c088_Linux_x86.tgz (111.07 MB)
    Mac OS X 64-bit
    File: Mali_Texture_Compression_Tool_v4.3.0.b81c088_MacOSX_x64.tgz (95.53 MB)