Emulator for OpenGL ES 2.0 to 3.1

The OpenGL ES Emulator is a library that maps OpenGL ES 3.1 API calls to the OpenGL API. By running on a standard PC, the emulator helps software development and testing of next generation OpenGL ES 3.1 applications since no embedded platform is required. The emulator requires a graphics card that supports at least OpenGL 4.3.

Features & Benefits

High Performance OpenGL ES 3.1 Emulation accelerated by desktop GPU capable of OpenGL 4.3. Support for OpenGL ES features such as transform feedback, multiple render targets, instancing and more.

Khronos backed for OpenGL ES conformance across the board. Non-compromised development of OpenGL ES 3.0 development on desktop.

OpenGL ES Emulator Documentation and Downloads

The latest version of the OpenGL ES Emulator documentation is included in the package available from the downloads page. Get the latest version of the Open GL ES Emulator for both Windows and Linux 64-bit builds.

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