VR Guides and White Papers

Arm are leading the way with mobile VR with a range of resources and tools available for free to developers. The Arm Cortex CPU and Arm Mali GPU end up in a wide range of mobile VR headsets and end-devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR powered by the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones.

Learn about the future of the VR industry and how you can best develop for this use case with the Arm Guide and White Papers below.

Expanding Virtual Horizons - The Future of Mobile VR

Ever wondered if Virtual Reality will really take off this time around, or why it never managed to before? VR is big news all over again and everyone’s talking about its possibilities and all the innovative applications we could use it for. Excitement is rife for the potential but we still have heaps of questions. What’s changed, what still needs to change for it to be really effective and how do we make it happen?

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Text: Expanding virtual horizons. The future of Mobile VR.