Virtual Reality (VR) Tools - A How to Guide

Developing a Mobile Virtual Reality application requires a different approach to ‘traditional’ app development. Users are immersed while using a VR application and expect objects and the world around them to behave much like the real world. Mobile VR applications should be built with great care and attention to detail, and must be able to achieve the highest performance possible so that users have a comfortable and memorable experience. This is where our VR Tools can help.

How can I start developing for mobile VR?
The Mali VR SDK contains all you need to start developing VR applications for platforms using an Arm Mali GPU, from tutorials to sample codes.

How can I ensure the best performance of my mobile VR application?
Graphics Analyzer allows you to optimize performance on Arm Mali GPUs by checking for any issues or bottlenecks frame-by-frame.

Graphics Analyzer

Detect VR performance issues frame-by-frame.

Frame capture continues until all render passes have been completed.

Color-coded EGL contexts in Trace, Trace outline and Timeline views.

An invaluable tool for VR development on Arm Mali platforms.

Graphics Analyzer
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Resources to help developers build VR applications.

Full documentation, framework, sample codes and tutorials.

Create new apps and explore VR development in a stable environment.

Build for Android platforms with an Arm Mali graphics processor.

ArmMali SDKs