Arm IP Selection Sandbox

IP Selection Sandbox is a powerful solution for IP evaluation and selection. Powered by Arm Cycle Models and Arm Fast Models, IP Selection Sandbox enables our partners to rapidly reproduce Arm’s CPU benchmarks, quickly compare across cores or CPU configurations, and easily port their own benchmarks or timing critical code to assess performance.  Choosing the right IP and tuning the configuration at the start of the project ensures the most performant SoC.

IP Selection Sandbox contains readily available fixed configuration systems including multiple Arm cores and basic system IP. Users can select among numerous pre-compiled benchmarks or use templates for simple custom creation which can then be compared and analyzed to determine the best possible performance.


Applications on a computer.

Optimized boot-code and templates provided.

Models used for applications on a computer.

Pre-compiled systems in Arm Fast Models and Arm Cycle Models.

A program that is running on a desktop.

Drive analysis through the easy-to-use web GUI or the command line.

How to access

IP Selection sandbox is available as part of Arm Success Kits, which provide easy access to all the tools and models from Arm.

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