Arm Socrates Design Environment is a tool that standardizes, configures, and intelligently integrates IP with Arm IP to create a SoC. Architects and designers can standardize any IP into the IEEE1685-2009 standard to be integration-ready, configure standardized IP and intelligently integrate IP together quickly and efficiently. Architects and designers can visualize each stage of the design as well as validate the viability and quality using Design Rule Checks (DRCs). RTL and the design specification can be generated automatically.
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  • IP-XACT whitepaper

    A study by IP Tooling architect David Murray on how IP-XACT metadata can be used in various design flows to ease IP integration

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    This webinar shows how Arm Socrates IP Tooling can help system designers dramatically reduce the time it takes to configure and integrate their SoCs

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Socrates Design Environment packages and creates IP to the IP-XACT standard


Guided configuration of System IP that is correct-by-construction

A processor chip.


Intelligent and automated IP integration utilizing system metadata and Arm engineering know-how

Key Features

  • IP Standardization. IP-XACT design environment to package and create IP in the IP-XACT standard.
  • IP Configuration. Guided configuration of system IP that is correct-by-construction.
  • Intelligent IP Integration. Intelligent and automated IP integration utilizing system metadata and ARM engineering know-how.
  • IP-XACT creation and compliance checking.
  • Design Rule Checks. Run Design Rule Checks (DRCs) to ensure that the system is viable
    • Eliminate bugs.
    • Ensure quality.
  • Visualization. Visualize the system assembly.
  • Assembly of ARM-based systems.
  • Automatic Design Collateral Generation. Generate RTL and design specification.
  • Design Visibility. Live connectivity metrics and reporting.

Socrates DE Characteristics

Architects and designers can standardize any IP into IEEE1685-2009 to be integration-ready, configure standardized IP, and intelligently integrate IP together quickly and efficiently. Architects and designers can visualize each stage of the design, as well as validate the viability and quality using Design Rule Checks (DRCs). RTL and the design specification can be generated automatically.

  • Programmatic data-driven IP integration
  • Full IEEE1685-2009(IP-XACT) compliance
  • Real-time verification with DRCs
  • Auto-generation of RTL and other design views
  • Auto-creation of System IP
  • Fast and easy design restructure
  • Full schematic visualization


IP-XACT IEEE 1685-2009 is the standard modeling language of Socrates DE, and its specification defines and describes electronic components and their designs. Using an XML format, IP-XACT accomplishes the following goals:

  • Ensures delivery of compatible component descriptions from multiple component vendors.
  • Enables exchanging complex component libraries between EDA tools for SoC design environments.
  • Describes configurable hardware IP using metadata.
  • Enables the provision of EDA vendor-neutral scripts for component creation and configuration. 


Useful Information

Whitepaper: Lessons from the field - IP/SoC integration techniques that work

Whitepaper - IP-XACT Standardized IP Interfaces for Rapid IP Integration

White Paper - Solving Next Generation IP Configurability


IP-XACT (IEEE1685 standard)

IP-XACT describes the metadata of IP designs and flows, and the interconnection of IP interfaces in a standard specification. The IP-XACT extension mechanism supports user-defined vendor features to implement specific tool or flow features, for example to store vendor-specific IP metadata like GUI-related data. These new extensions published by Accellera enable cross-company IP-XACT usage in emerging areas of design, such as analog-mixed signal, physical design planning, and power.

More information regarding IP-XACT can be found at:  http://accellera.org/downloads/standards/ip-xact.


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